• Todd Ritchey

    Celebrated Addiction Specialist, Counselor, Passionate International Speaker and Author

    Todd is a celebrated Addiction Specialist and Counselor, Passionate International Speaker, Author and Creator of the Neuro Alignment Model (N.A.M.), the Neuro Alignment Corporate Model and co-creator of the Neuro Alignment Educational Model and Neuro Alignment Sports Model. Todd also co-authored The Answer Model and The Answer Model Theory books, with Dr. John Montgomery, PHD and neuroscientist.


    Todd has used the Neuro Alignment Model in his addiction counselling services for over 12 years and has had tremendous success in helping people break out of the vast majority of their dysfunctional thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.


    He has helped a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds and cultures around the world break out of their dysfunctional patterns and has worked closely with First Nations Bands on the West Coast of Canada, for over 6 years.


    Todd has always had a deep commitment to understanding the human condition and is deeply interested in helping people improve their lives. He was very distraught over the lack of success that other methods and modalities were achieving and he firmly believed that there had to be a better and more effective way to help people break out of their dysfunctions and additions permanently.


    The Neuro Alignment Model was given to him during a meditation 12 years ago, as he was searching for answers on how to help people break out of their addictions and dysfunctional patterns in more permanent and profound ways, without relapses.


    Todd has seen outstanding results using the Neuro Alignment Model with his clients, many of whom had previously tried other models and therapies, all of which failed them consistently and constantly over the years. He firmly believes that the Neuro Alignment Model can help virtually anyone rewire their brain from ANY dysfunctional pattern or addiction that is causing pain and suffering in their lives; be it conscious or unconscious. It helps them create authentic connections with their loved ones, so that they find hope, happiness, and joy again in their lives.


    If you or someone you love is distraught about any addictions, mental illnesses or dysfunctional dynamics that may be causing unnecessary pain and suffering, please contact Todd Ritchey. He does one-on-one counselling, group dynamic counselling and also provides immediate attention and intervention counselling.

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