Todd Ritchey

        Creator of the Neuro Alignment Model and

        Celebrated Addiction Specialist

        Dysfunctional patterns of behavior or addictions, are not exclusive to drug, substance or alcohol abuse!


        EVERYONE has a least 20 or more modern day dysfunctional thought patterns, beliefs or behaviors and I mean EVERYONE!


        Modern day society triggers many different types of dysfunctional patterns in people.


        People can be "addicted" to:

        • social media surfing
        • video games
        • toxic relationships or job experiences
        • victim mentality
        • need for control
        • being a supermom or superdad
        • body dysmorphia 
        • martyr or savior mentality
        • overwhelming drive to success at all costs
        • disconnection from family and loved ones
        • procrastination
        • perfectionism
        • lack of intimacy 

        Dysfunctional patterns or addictions are ANYTHING that causes you pain in your life or causes pain for your loved ones. The patterns affect your life in a negative way, even if you are not fully conscious of it.


        The Neuro Alignment Model can help an individual learn to Re-wire their Brain from the vast majority of modern day Dysfunctional Patterns or Addictions, that they may have.


        The Neuro Alignment Model (N.A.M.) is an exciting new unified model of human behavior, which helps people learn to rewire their brain from the vast majority of dysfunctions and addictive patterns, that plague modern day society.


        Many mental health and therapeutic addiction programs have generally ineffective and abysmal long term results, coupled often with symptomatic side effects from the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. Is this type of therapy considered to be successful? I don’t think so!


        I am Todd Ritchey, celebrated addictions specialist and the creator of The Neuro Alignment Model. This therapeutic and theoretical model has amazing long term success rates without the use of any medications and is backed by cutting edge Neuroscience, Anthropology, Molecular Genetics and Biology.


        Learn more in my video below:

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